Hybrid pinhole camera... the results...


Dear Dan,

My name is Glenn and I won you and your father's award- the FA Cup of LCC!- last year. I have spoken to the new holder of the FA Cup- Jonathan Liu and provided him with Paul's instructions. He seems on the ball so I'm sure he'll produce some work to befit Paul's camera.

I also believe there should be a wooden casket for the camera produced with all the names of previous winners etched on the side- define it as the LCC FA Cup! Beverley was amused at this idea!! Maybe LCC can commission someone from BA Interactive Design to make it.

Here are my images that I took with them. Since graduating, I have held up a job as a visitor assistant at the Natural History Museum (and have now been given a permanent contract to be there), whilst traversing the freelance photography world.

Last month (yes- just before the deadline to return it- last minute student syndrome still pervasive!) I was given permission by the manager of the museum to come in before opening and wield around Paul's camera with a tripod, changing bag (it looks a bit dodgy changing film when I know security are staring at me from the CCTV camera in the Hintze Hall!) and photograph as I please.

Here are the results.

I used second hand film, the colour images being taken on 'Kodak Ektacolour 100', which I gather from a Google search, was popular between the sixties and the nineties. I was assured by Mr.Cad, that it was in good condition, this batch having sat in a fridge for the past 24 years. As ever with unscrupulous camera shop owners, he was lying! The colour layers have warped, some lacking reds, some blues, etc. I think it gives a nice Spielberg 'ET'/ 'Lomography' look to it?

Anyway, on here they kind of look like smartphone shots with a funky filter applied (with added dust!), so I'm going to have to think of how to print them to get the most potential out of them. I was thinking of printing them on terracotta. There is a company in Ireland who do that... Or perhaps project them on dry ice... or printing them onto glass... I don't know, I'll have a think and come up with some way to disseminate...

It would still be great to visit your studios and even assist for one day (I am free Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from dino patrol!)- I think I was booked into visit on the spring day of the great ice storm so I never got to visit.

I will be going into the darkroom and printing a few images out to send to Paul. Should I post them to your studio or can I have his address to send them to?

All the best,

Glenn Michael Harper