Hybrid pinhole camera... the first look...


Dear Yvonne,

Please find here a first look at the images you allowed me to take of the Hintze Hall a couple of weeks ago.

The camera looks like a wooden box, but it is an ultra wide angle, large format camera, built 'to capture some essence of human vision where we are aware of a field of view spanning 140-150 degrees, but see in detail a quite narrow angle of a few degrees' - Paul Smith, the camera maker.

I've included some detail crops where you can see the detail in the middle of the image, which drops of at the periphery.

I also used second hand film, the colour images being taken on 'Kodak Ektacolour 100', which was popular between the sixties and the nineties. I was assured by the shop owner, that it was in good condition, this batch having sat in a fridge for the past 24 years. As ever with unscrupulous camera shop owners, he was lying! The colour layers have warped, some lacking reds, some blues, etc. I think it gives a nice Spielberg 'ET' look to it?

Anyway, on here they kind of look like smartphone shots with a funky filter applied (with added dust!), so I'm going to have to think of how to print them to get the most potential out of them. I was thinking of printing them on terracotta. There is a company in Ireland who do that... Or perhaps project them on dry ice... or printing them onto glass... I don't know, I'll have a think and come up with some generic artspeak words to accompany the series... perhaps send them to Evolve magazine?

'My work explores the dualism between the ephemeral nature of our own memories with that of the perpetual nature of the museum. As shimmering derivatives become frozen through diligent and critical practice... bla... bla... bla...

Just kidding, I'll come up with something more meaningful than that!

Thanks once again for allowing me to take these images.

All the best,